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Mermaid Dizzy

Please see below for the sessions that we now have on offer.

Mermaid Experience 

Mermaid Experiences are a magical introduction to the world of Mermaiding. These sessions are ran  between 1-2 hours.

These one off experiences allow participants to learn about the tail, safety elements, and basic mermaid skills. Mermaid Experiences are perfect for families and friends.

Mermaid Parties

Mermaid Parties are run very similar to the Experiences, but are more personalised to those involved. i.e. Birthday party, or Hen party. With both dryside and underwater photos taken.

These sessions are 1-2 hours long, and perfect for making your Mermaid Dreams come true! 

Meet a Mermaid

Meet a Mermaid sessions can be run at the same time as the experiences/parties, or on their own. These would allow younger children, or those who unfortunately did not pass the swim test, to have the opportunity to meet a 'real' mermaid and have photos taken.

Available to hire for events, as a star attraction, meeting and greeting people who wish to have a photo. i.e. school fete, parties, or other events. 

Swim Test
  • Must be at least 6 years old

  • Be able to swim 25 Metres comfortably

  • Be able to submerge with face under water

  • Be able to lift knees and do a 360 degree turn

  • Be able to tread water

  • Be able to perform a simple dolphin kick

If you are interested in hosting your very own mermaid party/experience then please see below for the requirements:

  • You as the host, will be in charge of finding a suitable pool to hire (Sophie will give you some guidance with this)

  • Parties can have up to 6 children (12 upon request & availability)

  • All participants must undergo the Swim Test, to enable them to take part.

Private sessions and house visits are also available upon request! 

Contact us on 07475 623830 or for further details, and start getting your Mermaid tails on!

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