What we offer!

Parent & Baby


Here at Dizzy's Dolphins, babies are able to start swimming from the age of just 4 months old, and are accompanied by a parent/guardian. We hold small classes of a maximum of 6 in a class. These classes are held on a Monday early afternoon, and a Wednesday & Friday morning.


These sessions give you the perfect opportunity, to bond in the water with your soon to be water baby.


When your child is 3 years old, they are able to build their water confidence, and start learning how to swim on there own. Here at Dizzy's Dolphins, we deliver a hands on and friendly approach, with the teacher in the water. This enables a more safe and fun way of learning for the children.


These pre-school lessons have a maximum of just 6 per class, and put in to classes depending on your childs water confidence. 

These classes are currently held on a Wednesday & Friday morning.

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After School

Here at Dizzy's Dolphins, we hold after school classes on a Monday, Wednesday & Saturday for older children. From non-swimmers, early beginners, and higher. These classes can start from 4 years old, and are arranged depending on ability.

These classes teach children how to improve their technique and continue their ongoing learning of the basic swimming skills and water confidence.

Private Lessons


1:1 and 2:1 lessons available upon request held at Tylers Green Middle School/Heritage House School, or in your own home. Whether it be to improve your technique or stamina, or help with water confidence. 

Contact Sophie for more details, and you can arrange a 1-2-1, or family session, in the comfort of your own home (adults included).

Mermaid Experiences


Mermaid Experiences are a magical introduction to the world of Mermaiding. These sessions are ran  between 1-2 hours.

These one off experiences allow participants to learn about the tail, safety elements, and basic mermaid skills. Mermaid Experiences are perfect for families and friends. 

*Also include basic mermaid makeup, underwater/dry side photos and certificate.


Please click here for swim test https://mermaidsswimuk.co.uk/classes/