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Passionate about teaching babies and children to learn how to swim, in the most enjoyable and safe way.

About Us

Est. 2017

Dizzy's Dolphins is a private swimming school, with a personal touch. We believe that every one and any one can learn how to swim - it's never too late.

Dizzy's Dolphins was founded by Sophie, with 10 years of teaching experience. Sophie started her swimming journey at the age of 5 years old, and has always had a passion for the water. Sophie always knew that when she grew up, she was to become a swimming teacher. With this, and her love of working with children, her goal then, was to one day have her own swim school. After years of working in the industry, and teaching, she finally decided to take the plunge, and Dizzy's Dolphins was born.

We hope that having lessons with us, will give you that same passion that Sophie and her team have for the water. 

Where did the name Dizzy's Dolphins come from?

Dizzy is the face of the swim school - a mermaid. The idea of this came from Sophie's love of mermaids from her childhood (and secretly still). As a child, Sophie always wished to be a mermaid, so what better way of fulfilling her dream than becoming one through animation.

Your children will be reaching Dizzy heights with their swimming, and becoming Dizzy with excitement for their next lesson!

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