Changes & Restrictions

Due to the circumstances, there will be a number of changes and restrictions. I ask that you please take a minute to read below:


  • There is a maximum bather load of 8 in the pool as guidance states 6 square metres per person and the pool is 50 square metres. We have a maximum occupancy of 20 people in the building at any time which will be spot checked by school. 


  • Swimmers to arrive at the pool changed and ready for swimming; changing rooms to be used after sessions only although showering before swimming is essential. 


  • Swimmers and carers to wait outside the building at the bottom of the stairs till the previous group has left, when they will be let in. Carers to bring a bag to keep their clothes in whilst swimming. Once allowed to enter the building, swimmers will remove their outer clothes and leave in a bag in the spectator area or in changing rooms. 


  • Class times will be different, as there will be a 15 minute break in between each session, letting one group leave the building before the next group enters & allowing staff to clean/tidy and prepare for the next set of lessons. This will mean that your class time could be a lot later than usual. Final lesson on a Monday would be 7:15pm. First lesson on a Friday has been moved to 9:15am.


  • Teachers have been asked to teach from poolside, and at a distance. Face visors may be worn. 


  • Social distancing rules to be adhered to at all times as far as possible; only one person per child allowed to watch lessons. Spectator area to be limited and chairs appropriately spaced out. 


  • Children will have their own set of equipment, and there will be no sharing of equipment in classes. Customers will not be able to bring any extra equipment. 


  • All visitors to the pool are to park at the small car park just down the hill from school, with safe access through the woods to school. No parking in the school car park. No pushchairs allowed in the pool building. These can be left outside the pool building or ideally not be taken on to site. 


  • No singing, chanting or shouting to take place during lessons to limit the spread of potentially contagious droplets. 


  • Absolutely no food or drink on poolside. 



If you or anyone in your household has any symptoms, please let me know and make sure you do not come to the pool!